Roasted Mushroom, Brazil Nut, and Sourdough Dressing

Roasted Mushrooms, toasted brazil nuts, and tart sourdough combine for an oh-so-cozy side dish. (Vegetarian)

Happy Thursday! We hope you are having a fulfilled week so far.

Dressing and needs. That is this week’s agenda. Mushroom-Brazil Nut-Sourdough Dressing, and Maslow. As is always the case here, if you don’t care about the true needs of your SELF, keep scrolling to get to the dressing.
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Chocolate Brownie Banana Muffins (Gluten Free)

Hope you had a very peaceful weekend. We made a four day weekend out of it; spending time with Warren’s family in Canaan Valley, WV.

As the annual trip to Canaan approached, we were filled to the brim with excitement. We knew what was in store for us; jeep and hiking excursions, cooking, and most importantly, quality time with loved ones. Canaan brings family members from West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, and Colorado to celebrate togetherness.
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Grilled Bread with Melted Garlic and Olive Oil

Grilled garlic bread is an institution around here. It’s history in the making. When it first won our hearts is of two minds, but a few plausible situations came to mind last night as we sat on the porch discussing our fondness for the chewy staple. It started somewhere between grilling up the good stuff on a rooftop in Richmond, VA, and crisping it up over a crackling open flame during my first PATC cabin trip. As things go, garlic bread is now situated at the center of our cabin trip feasts, so my first “primitive palace” trip edged out a rooftop origination.
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