Hard Jalapeño-Basil Limeade

Hard Jalapeño-Basil Limeade
First making an appearance in Egypt, we have been sipping on refreshing lemonade for thousands of years. Depending on what part of the world you live in, you will likely be familiar with either clear or cloudy lemonade. Here in the U.S., we are mostly familiar with the cloudy version.Years of substituting and swapping ingredients has provided us with an array of -ades. Orangeade, limeade, and cherry limeade represent a handful of citrusy blends now readily available for imbibing.
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Fried Green Tomato and Goat Cheese Napoleon with Creamy Grits, Roasted Red Pepper and Shallot Purée, Basil Oil, and Fried Basil Leaves.

FGT with grits
A smash at the box office? No. Did Fannie Flagg lead you to believe fried green tomatoes are a southern dish? Quite possibly. In 1991 Fannie Flagg’s novel, Fried Green tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe, was adapted for film and hit the silver screen as Fried Green Tomatoes. Let’s rewind. 100 years or so before Jessica Tandy perked up Kathy Bates, fried green tomatoes were popping up in Jewish cookbooks from the Midwest. Fast forward to the late 1940s, we watched fried green tomatoes hit their heyday. Their time in the spotlight was short lived, though. Between the late 40s and the early 90s, things were a bit hazy. They became wishy-washy and went unnoticed. They were thrust into the spotlight in the early 90s with the release of Fried Green Tomatoes, and have earned their keep on southern and eclectic restaurant menus since then.
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Fruit Salad with Indian Spices and Mint Simple Syrup

Fruit 101: Flesh, agriculture, staple, nutritious, and raw. Oh, and forlorn fruits we like to call “vegetables”. That’s my adjunct lesson. Cut some up, toss them together, and call it a fruit salad. Label it fruit cocktail, it’s still chunks of fruit lobbed together. Even the colorful are well-worn on the inside. Luckily, we have the spice trade as a dutch uncle. He’s our one way ticket out of Sleepy town.
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Cucumber Salad with Red Onions (Vegan)

That gourd. The one from South Asia. If you find this botanical berry creeping in your garden this summer, you’re in luck. Containing phytonutrients and lignans (polyphenols), the cucumber bolsters our cardiovascular health and lends us a helping hand in our crusade against cancer. Whether slicing or pickling, we can all stand to reap the health benefits of Cucurbitaceae.
Stepping off the advocacy of health soap box, let’s be real. Let’s talk about that bona fide love for the dill pickle. While dill isn’t a honcho in the nutrient domain, it does provide us with a healthy dose of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Frankly, though, the two of us eat pickles for one reason. We do it for the cream of the crop. We do it all for the vinegar.
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