Matcha Elixir with Ginger, Citrus, and (optional) Bourbon

Hope you are having a lovely week! This week seems to be dragging for some reason. Maybe it’s anticipation of the weekend ahead? Perhaps it’s the change in weather? On the other hand, we’ve been super relaxed this week. Getting into bed early; not cooking two hour dinners; coming home from work and changing into comfy clothes at a record breaking pace…it’s been nice. Podcasts have been our jam this week, true crime mostly. Hey, it IS almost Halloween, ya know? If you like that kind of thing check out Generation Why. They have a ton of interesting episodes! A few stories will probably be familiar to you, a couple will be very familiar, but most will likely be new to your ears.
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Fig & Rosemary-Black Peppercorn Bourbon Fizz

Hanging Tough. Right now coming through our speakers, NKOTB is supposed to somehow give us inspiration for next week’s post. If you don’t know NKOTB, whatever. This week we have a Fig & Rosemary-Black Peppercorn Bourbon Fizz to get you in the mood for the cooler nights to come. (Take advantage of the current fig season now, and make a fig shrub that will last you until the first part of October).
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Spiced and Spiked Strawberry Tea

Sipping amusing cocktails in the summertime heat is a quintessential pastime. As we count down the hours to quitting time on Friday, text messages wander into the realm of dinner and cocktail destinations. Our plans are best summed up as, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Cocktail-destination ambition usually ends up on our front porch. As Halloween and Christmas lights of yore still surround us in an unapologetic glow, we are obliged by habit. At peace with our own predisposition, we finally learned to succumb to buying cocktail ingredients for clinking our glasses at home. Just in case, because a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
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Hard Jalapeño-Basil Limeade

Hard Jalapeño-Basil Limeade
First making an appearance in Egypt, we have been sipping on refreshing lemonade for thousands of years. Depending on what part of the world you live in, you will likely be familiar with either clear or cloudy lemonade. Here in the U.S., we are mostly familiar with the cloudy version.Years of substituting and swapping ingredients has provided us with an array of -ades. Orangeade, limeade, and cherry limeade represent a handful of citrusy blends now readily available for imbibing.
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Bloody Mary Mix

Resized_20160616_211015-01Bloody Mary. A cocktail with a disputable history. A morning potion to cure burning candles at both ends. With prohibition in the past, the Bloody Mary made its way to the
U.S. as a Red Snapper. The tomato and vodka nucleus hasn’t changed, it’s part and parcel. The nitty gritty remains, but we have pinched and dashed all the way to a green tomato bloody with tomatillo and poblano. Creole seasoning in the south, old bay up north, and menus everywhere in between. Menus entirely devoted to an assortment of bloody mary concoctions.
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