Rancher’s Pasta (aka Huevos Rancheros Pasta)

How are you doing on this Happy Humpday?? Got any plans for the weekend? We had an adventurous weekend last weekend, so we are looking at mucho chill and relaxation time; filled with yummy food. Luckily, we got a lot of sleep Tuesday night, and were feeling much more alive on Wednesday. We were definitely riding the struggle bus on Tuesday. Speaking of sleep, how much do you get? “They” say we should be getting 6-8 hours a night. We usually get 6-6.5 hours a night; and wake up feeling fairly refreshed. The 8 hours Tuesday night didn’t seem to change our moods or alertness, but I’m sure our bodies and minds were happier for the extra 2 hours. Leave us a comment below on how much sleep you get on average, and if you feel like it has an impact on your daily routine. On a side note, we ordered the Brain Tonic Tea from Chattanooga, TN based Wooden Spoon Herbs. A blend of estate grown green tea, rosemary, and gingko promises mental clarity and improved memory. We will let you know what we think in an upcoming post.

We promised you some more pictures from our WV trip, so here we go!
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Shakshuka. Shakshouka. Eggs poached in a red sauce of tomatoes and chili peppers. No matter the name or spelling, this Tunisian dish is always worth it. Shakshuka, “all mixed up”, is satisfying for breakfast, light enough for lunch, and suitably savory for dinner. A red sauce bath poaches the eggs to a silky smoothness that begs to be devoured with crispy pita.
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