Roasted Beet & Coconut Pudding


I don’t know about you, but we thought life would be more serene after Labor Day. Yeah, that hasn’t happened. We’ve had so much going on these last three weeks. Interesting happenings at the cabin; our day jobs seem to somehow be longer and more hectic; the work on Fork To Summit is becoming more involved; the tourists seem to be lingering, and so forth. They haven’t been crummy weeks, just a bit nutsy. Nutsy weeks that we willingly choose to undertake.
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Breakfast Energy Bars with Oats, Walnuts, and Rosemary (V, GF)

Weekend breakfasts around here can be summed up in three words. Lively, leisurely, and lingering. Not having to battle with an early alarm clock means we get the chance to take our time, and enjoy the ritual. When you are mindful of how sharing a meal together is more than just nourishment for individual bodies, you create a space for food to serve as as a family connection. The cooking, the conversations, and the slow pace is a deliberate strategy to shake off residual weekday tension, and come together. As an added bonus, we get to feast on things like shakshuka.
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Fig & Rosemary-Black Peppercorn Bourbon Fizz

Hanging Tough. Right now coming through our speakers, NKOTB is supposed to somehow give us inspiration for next week’s post. If you don’t know NKOTB, whatever. This week we have a Fig & Rosemary-Black Peppercorn Bourbon Fizz to get you in the mood for the cooler nights to come. (Take advantage of the current fig season now, and make a fig shrub that will last you until the first part of October).
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Gazpacho with Tomatoes, Beet Leaves, and Basil + Popsicles

The heat. The humidity. Driving us off the front porch at 7:15 p.m. as the sun peeks over the cabin roof, the high temperatures here in East Tennessee seem perpetual. Like marionettes, the sun beckons us to ditch standing over a stove as much as possible. Knowing the glory of fall and winter will have us warming up the kitchen with pots of chili, we easily give in to the ebb of the oven.
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